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CA and OC are same company. How to settle?

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I have an account which I just went through debt validation with. It is for AZ Premium Finance. It is an insurance company that I had a short lived policy with back in 99. The business went under and I never closed the policy, so there was a balance of $330. The account was showing up on my credit report as a Collection account. After sending the DV letters, I got a signed contract that verifies the account. The so-called balance is now up to $770 including interest. I am ready to move onto the next step and negotiate a settlement for this debt. I am going to start by offering $225 to settle. The thing I have a question on is this: Since they are the Original Creditor and the Collection Agency, how do I ask them to remove the trade line? Delete it completely? Mark Paid as Agreed? It is only listed on Experian and has an Account History of Collection marked and updated every month since March 2000. Any help on understanding the best way to proceed will be greatly appreciated.

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I would demand a complete accounting statement before you go any farther with a settlement offer untill you have done this.

And then there is C.H.O.D. in november, some folks make out pretty good, I did.

If you must get this monkey off your back now, I would deal with the collections side of the company. The collection account should be deleted before I would agree to pay them, and the credit tradeline should be updated to paid as agreed-never late.

Remember that a paid collection that is reported is about 99% percent as bad as an unpayed collection.

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