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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share a success story...

My brother-in-law started with a score of 499 on his T/U Credit Report but with help from this site I was able to help him delete 9 derogatories out of 15 and as a result boosted his score to 663. Needless to say, he is thrilled.

We are working on the 6 left on his credit report. Thanks alot! :):D

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I would like to share mine with all of the new people and "old timers".

I "sort of" started two years ago. I mean sort

of because I went to a car dealer looking for a new car. I was denied. I put money down. I waited what seemed like forever. Day after day.


"We're trying".

Well, one day that I stopped in to get my deposit back. I asked to look at my credit report to see what was on it. I studied it and when the credit manager left the room, I left too, with the credit report. My first look at what my credit looked like. I had no clue.

My credit? Pathetic.

6 negatives, zero positives.

No loan.

I then started to research what I could do about this horrible, horrible credit report.

I laugh about this today, but I used to think you had to live these past mistakes FOREVER.

I found some sites and started using some of the "techniques" posted. I had some success's. The information was primitive and "beginner". It worked somewhat though. Lots of half-truths and mis-information.

Then I found this site. I then found out that there was so much more than "hoping for the best".

I've learned so much here. I have turned everything around. I now have one negative that is a original creditor that comes off in April.

My score went from a 400 something to 700 something. I just bought a new car. (can I just say how nice it is?)

What I've learned over the past two years is invaluable. This site and the E-book is tremendously informative. You have control and the power to change what you think might be your destiny. Take control and go for it! You've made your mistakes and you've learned from them. Don't let them punish you for it forever.

I have and I won't let it happen again.

One thing that I have found though, is that most people that you think you might help, say those you work with, don't get it, and don't understand what you have to offer. They don't believe that they too, can change what's on their reports. They tell you they want to change what's on there but...

So keep kicking their a$$. I almost quit so many times. I got so mad, so many times. I was let down, so many times. I got knocked down, so many times. Although against what I wanted to do, I kept pushing. It paid off. You can do it.

I wish you all luck and peace.

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