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EQ online & free report after turndown?

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I'm looking around on EQ's site since I got denied credit by the bank for a consolidation loan, and unlike TU, I can't seem to find the place where I can get the free report to see what the bank saw. The only thing I see is, "give us your credit card number!" section. I'll keep looking around, but I hate to pay when the law states I get the booby prize for being a credit risk.

I'm sure they've got a link somewhere, but I'll bet the debt they hide it so you'll get frustrated, give up and pay for a new one.

Does anyone have this link bookmarked and could post it here?

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Experian and Equifax also offer FREE credit reports if you are turned down for credit. It's by law...you must request it within 60 days of being denied credit.

Folks here have posted the numbers and/or addresses of each CR...

Do a search or someone nice here will repost the link/info, I'm sure :)

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