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Calling all EQ brainiacs!

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Ok brains, let's see if you can help me on a phantom item.

EQ's broken out into sections, and I was surfing the "credit inquiries" to see who's been looking. There are codes next to the names, and the code legend at the bottom. Ok, so far, so good.

From EQ's site:

" PRM - This is a promotional inquiry in which only your name and address were given to a credit grantor so you could be solicited you with an offer such as a credit card. (PRM inquiries remain on file for 12 months.)

AM or AR - These inquiries indicate a periodic review of your credit history by one of your creditors (AM and AR inquiries remain on file for 12 months.)

EQUIFAX, ACIS or UPDATE - These inquiries indicate Equifax's activity in response to your contact with us for either a copy of your credit file or a request for research.

PRM, AM, AR, INQ, EQUIFAX, ACIS and UPDATE inquiries do not show on credit files that businesses receive, only on copies provided to you."

Ok, here's where it gets weird...check out this posting:


What in the Sam Houston is "CD"? Whomever they are, they checked my credit twice in the past two months. It wouldn't bother me so much, but I can't help wonder how such an inquiry is affecting my credit score. I have one credit card company that enslaves me who checked my credit twice in nine days....I don't understand that, but at least I know who has the choke collar around my neck.

Ok brains.....have any of you run into this phantom code?

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They are Credit Data Services, an afiliate of Equifax. They do updates etc. I had to send them a dispute letter since they were my "local" equifax. Depending on where you

live it could be the same thing. I live in Flordia and Credit Data Services is in Orlando.

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I have solved the "CD" mystery, and have a word of warning to post! It only took me until one in the morning to discover the specifics.

The company associated with the original post was a third party I purchased a copy of a tri-merged report from back in early August. I can understand very well them checking into my report at that time, but since then, they have reviewed it two more times without my authorization. I was fuming! Here I am trying to clean such things up, and they're logging entries.

I fired off a letter that I found in here and sent them a copy of it via email. Seems you can't trust the third party people to keep their noses out of your stuff, either.

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