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bankrupt bank and my black eye & fat lip

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I currently hold a Next Card credit card, and they've been shut down by the FDIC and are being investigated by the SEC for various types of fraud. As a result, my card has been listed on my EXP report as "account closed at credit grantor's request".

It doesn't take a genius to look at that and say it looks bad. What's worse is that it's listed as a negative on my report not once, but twice! The first one shows the account has been closed and the second one shows the new owner of the debt, so it overinflates my negative score!

I've written to all three big CRA's but haven't seen a response, and the current reports still show it like a big black eye to go along with the previous fat lip they gave me. Any ideas as to how to get this mess off my record since it's not my fault, but theirs??

With all the rampant fraud out there, I was wondering if anyone else has been caught up in the dragnet.... :(

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I wrote to Bank of America and disputed a negative on my CR from them. They bought Nations Bank in October 1998, who had just bought Barnett (FL) in August 1998. I paid off my Barnett auto loan two months early to Barnett in September 1998. Guess what happened? Yes, I was put on the CR as two months late!

Anyway, B.O.A. revised my history and al is well now. Write to the OC and ask them to be reasonable. Sometimes, rarely, they will be reasonable.

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