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Got 2 more collections off the ole Experian and Equifax. Our car loan is now showing as an R1...

My Experian went from a 542 to a 554

Equifax went from 524 to 567 (i like this one)

Still working on TU and a couple other collection agencies that wont validate with me or the CRAs and they wont take them off..

Just felt like updating ya'll

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More news!! I disputed 4 accounts on my TU on 9-18.

I called today to report to them about the letter I got from one CA that cancelled my acct cause they could not validate<boogies>

The guy on the phone told me that none of the 4 accts had ever come back verified and usually if they dont respond in 20 days they arent going to.

So that literally could take me from 8 negative listings to just 3 in one swoop. (which 1 of those is in dispute too)

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

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I am doing fantastic.

I am getting back to feeling better and almost feeling normal again. I still have a small amount of swelling and I have had a loss of some feeling in the side of my face and around my ear.

But the tumor was benign and things are looking great!

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers!!

Ohh FYI..had a fico score of Equifax of 567..had a charge off drop off and it dropped to 560..BUMMER huh?

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5 count them 5 negative entries deleted off TU on Friday 10-18.

That leaves me with a repo and a CC I paid late on once ((Which I still have))

And a CA that I am in validation with right now.

I hope this stays this way. Dont know my score. TU keeps telling me I cant get my report online cause I cant verify ((Stupid morons))

I should have one in the mail soon

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