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I received my TU report today from where I had written them disputing several accounts. :) Wanted to share. Here's the results:

Item Results

Capital 1 Previously Verified

RNB-Mervyn Deleted

RNB-Target Deleted

Uptons Deleted

JCP-MCCB Deleted

FMS Inc Deleted

Bankfirst Verified, no change

I'm very happy today :D :D

I do have a question though. Why is it that TU will delete so quick, but equifax wants to hold on to everything? Also, a few of you know that I have been fighting with FMS, Inc and had sent them a settlement offer, now TU removes. What's with that?

Also, on Equifax they verified the JCP, but TU deletes. The RNB accounts are the ones that I'm fighting Asset Acceptance over. Go figure. Any guess's as to what's going on?

Anyway, for today, I'm very happy. They will probably be reinserted knowing the luck I've been having. :D:)

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