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Laugh/cry or /court


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What do you all say.

Husband got 2 letters from 2 differect ocs stating that they would notify cra to remove entires on credit report. We have both letters here and a copy of a doucmention

that was send to all 3 cra to remove the entires. Entires should have been moved by -10-10-02 they were not so we sent them a copy of the letter that states please removing the following items from Mrxxxx report acoount xxxxx .As of yesterday they were not removed so i called today and asked them why the items were not removed as i had copies of the requests that were submitted to them from the oc and that we had also foward them a copy of the letter fromthe oc to remove the items,


Tu-EQ-EX -They all said that the letter that you send to us doesnot meet our rules , so we had to contact the oc ...I asked them why they said the letter is not good enough they said it has conflicting info on it ..

Now this is the letter the letter head


credit 1st- address, phone number

our address and phone number

Dear Mr xxxxxxx

re bridgestone /firestone

This is in response to your inquiry concerning your credit rating. This account has been dleted from our system. We have notified the cra to delted the account from your report...

Now to me this is clear as can be .

The cra stated to me that it say bridgestone -firestone --I said it also

says Creidt 1st up top.....

I called credit 1st to see if they could do anything and they said no since they had allready mailed them the doucemtion...

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i just got out of court with the same problem...send the letter again certified and if they won't remove it take them to court. Oddly enough i find that right before the court date you'll get a copy of the credit report with the items removed. They do this as if to show the judge that you are wasting his/her time and that they did what they were supposed to do. Worst case scenario you lose in court but it comes off your report. It only cost's 25.00 to file in Small claims and you stand to win.

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