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Experian would not investigate

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Experian is up too no good again!!!

I received a letter today from Experian that stated:

We are repsonding to your request to verify infromation on your personal credit report. The items listed below could not be investigated becasue you did not tell us specifically why the information is innacurrate. Please send us detailed reasons why the information is inacurate, then we will be able to begin our verfication process.

What is up with that? I can't believe this isn't it Experinas responsiblity to verfiy all information according to teh law?

I could really use soem help on trying to respond to this.

The item in queston is a satisfied judgement with teh City Clerk in another state.


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I sent Experian a letter not to long ago, and they would not investigate 4 of 5 items that I listed. They are investigating that one item and looking into the inquiries. I did not add as much detail to 4 of the items as I did to the one they are investigating. Should I just say the balances for each or incorrect, the opening date of the accounts are incorrect, or something along those lines? When I do send the letter back I will wait 2 days before Thanksgiving to send it to them since they are in Allen, TX and I am Dallas. It takes them 1 day to receive my letter and I want to buy all the time I can. :D

Your comments about what I should say as far as the reasons for disputing are welcome.

Thanks ;)

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