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Experian wants me to get proof from Cap. One

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Has this happened to anyone else? My husband has an account with cap. one that went to charge off in 1997, but they continue to report interest on the account. Anyway I call them up to see what we could do about it and Cap.one tells me that I am not on the account, so they cannot speak to me. Then, I go to my report and dispute the tradeline for Cap.One (since they told me I am not on the account). Cap. one continues to verify it is my account. I called Experian today and they told me that I had to call Cap. one and get a letter stating it is not my account. Get real! If they continue to verify it, why would they send me a letter stating it is not mine. Experian says they cannot reinvestigate and I have to get Cap.one to send me a letter. Any ideas??? :confused: :confused:

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