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What is considered a non response for suing?

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I seem to remember the rule states the CRA's have thirty days in which to respond to an inquiry; if they don't, you can sue them under the FCRA guidelines.

I've written three letters to Equifax, but haven't had a decent response back from them yet. The first response said they couldn't find me in their system. The second letter they didn't respond to. So on my third letter, I sent them my social security number, my legal name (single and married names) and current and former addresses (which they had wrong), and my DOB.

Now they are saying they require photocopies of my DL, my ss#, major credit card numbers, any previous names I've gone under, former addresses, DOB, and phone numbers!

They had everything minus my license....I suspect they are stalling in a big way. So the question is, what consitutes a REAL response under the 30 day rule? I'm ready to sue these guys not only for stalling, but aren't they supposed to send you with each correspondence a copy of the FCRA law? If I've got this correct, I can sue them on three counts so far.

What do the forum experts say....?

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