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Can a creditor/collection agency do this?


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I recently decided to go with a company called the credit store which wrote that they were going to purchase my debt from providian but wanted to give me a credit card with the amount they purchased as a balance for my new card. so in essence the debt would be paid to providian and then the credit store would establish a new revolving visa card with the old debt as the balance. My question is, the credit store has purchased from providian and paid collection on my report. Also providian has charge off but the balance is the same as what I owed them before, it doesn't say purchased by or $0.00. It just says charge off as if they didn't get paid. Can this be done? I mean if providian was paid shouldn't it say so even if it includes charge off? Also how is it that instead of putting purchased by the credit store on the providian line, the credit store can establish a whole line by themselves saying that it was a paid collection when it's not even paid? i'm confused.

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