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Equifax and their tricks


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Hi everyone. Just got back from vacation, and am ready for a new fight.

I received a CR dated 102802, Equifax telling me that they deleted two entries from Asset Acceptance. However, on the copy of the CR they sent me Asset was still there.

I had disputed some other info on the CR, so I received another report dated 110402. Asset is still on this report also.

What is Equifax trying to pull. I immediately sent them a letter, with a copy of the CR they sent me, requesting removal of the info.

Has anyone had this happen?

It's good to be back. :D

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Equifax just pulled the same thing with me.

They sent me a letter saying thet deleted an account, yet it still appears on the credit file they sent with the letter.

I'll give you one better,

Equifax reinserted an account they deleted back in September without providing me with written notification.

FCRA violation? Oh, I'd say so.


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This happened to me with Equifax also. They sent a letter saying it was deleted along with credit report that still had it on there, both were in the same envelope. I called them up and they made sure it was deleted. I got a new report with it deleted. Also, I sent in a dispute on an item. The thirty days was almost up, when I received a letter that said "thank you for requesting your credit file", enclosed is the credit file that you requested. I did not request a credit file, I sent a dispute. Equifax is screwed and the employees are not well educated. I dont know if this really is human error or just a way of shrugging off disputes.

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