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Removed but not removed?


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Hi all,

About 3 months ago I started my quest to clean up my credit. Began with Experian some old collections, late pays, etc. I had about 5 student loans that were all showing as negative-3 from Sallie Mae. I disputed one of them because the balance due matched NONE of the balances shown on my statement- I mean not even within $1000. I waited the 30 days and their results were it was not verified and it would be removed. I looked at my credit report again that night, it was still on there. So, I disputed it AGAIN, and again they stated that it would be removed. Well, here were are in November and the stupid thing is still on my credit report! I've never received any sort of notice that it was going to be reposted so what goes? I've heard this is in violation of the law so how do I go about getting it enforced?

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