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Am I going crazy?


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I thought I read somewhere in all of the laws that a credit reporting agency has to list the company that the collection is with.

i have 3 entries under collection accounts that read like this:

Client: blah, blah

Account Number ####

Date Reported 4/2002

Amount $18.00

Balance 0

Balance Date 4/2002

Last Activity 8/2000

Date Assigned: 10/2000

Collection Status PAID

Account: Individual

Collection Agency Info: (this is blank)

Status Date: 4/2002

Previous report shows collection reported 2/01 and my newer report shows Date Reported 4/02

Do I have grounds to request this be removed for inaccurate information

1. it doenst list the colleciton agency

2. discrepency in the collection reported dates?

if so what letter should i use when bringing this to the CRA attention?

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