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Trans Union!!!


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:( I am SOOOOO mad at Trans Union. I had 2 accounts from the same company. One of them was EXCELLENT and the other one had some late pays. I disputed the lates and did not dispute the one that was excellent - why would I! I got the report back and wouldn't you know they deleted the GOOD one and verified the bad one?! :eek: How is this possible? I sent them a letter and included copies of the reports and why they were wrong. I labeled them Exhibit A and Exhibit B so that the idiots could understand. I told them they must put the good entry back on and demanded to know how they verified the other one. Today I got a letter from them and all they acknowledged was the deletion. They said that I disputed it and they didn't hear back from the creditor so they deleted it. If I want it back on there I have to contact the OC and have them put it on there - fat chance of that happening. What is my recourse now? Have they violated any of the FCRA? :(
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Not true paramedic.

TU deleted ALL my good tradelines. One OC re-reported and they (TU) REFUSED to put it back on!! I was told that they would not because the OC did not use the dispute response form.

In the end, my 10 year credit history has been reduced to 4 months!!!!!! Right now I am focusin on EQ and EX. I want a mortgage and they take the middle score, so I don't plan on wasting my time with TUs BS!! :mad:

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Not sure why but some CRA's are nicer to some people for some reason or another. I hear people saying EQ is "decent" to them. To me, EQ has been HORRIBLE and TU very nice. I guess it's like the scoring situation - is the sun aligned with the moon today...did Bush have a healthy breakfast....is it raining in Thailand...

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TU has been gereat for me and hubby.EQ is the pitts!!!! :mad: They refuse to verify with a person :o Well,

i've got something for them,a nasty letter with the next one being the intent to sue.EXP is so-so.They have decided to investigate my inquiries because at 1 time ,due to them,they merged files with another file,which caused all the bad to be deleted. ;) So my fingers are crossed.

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Here is letter that I sent T.U. on my last round of investigation requests:

Dear Transunion:

I have just received my credit report and have noted that it contains erroneous information regarding the following accounts. I would like them deleted from my record:

Receivable Solutions Inc. acct #123456789

- This is not correct please remove.

CBCS acct # 12345678 - This is not mine.

Please investigate and delete these disputed items. 30 days constitutes a reasonable time to check these out. Please notify me if it takes longer. Please send names and business addresses of those persons you contacted for any verifications Also, as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, please send me notification that the items have been deleted. Please send an updated copy of my credit report to the following address:

Your name and address


Your name

Remember even if they do "Verify" some accounts, wait a few months and request that they investigate it again. If they send you the old "Frivilous" letter ignore it and try again. This has worked wonders for me. You don't necessarily have to remind them that it's been investigated already. I guess their system isn't advanced enough to show when accounts have been previously verified. Good for us I guess.


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on the other note..

So far, TU has been the easiest for me. Oout of 6, they deleted 4,verified 1 and "unchanged" one which is no problem because that account was with lates and I have the OC working on removing those now.

BY FAR!! the worst for me is Experian. They wait until last day to get those things resolved and they "verify" almost all of them for me.

While we are at it, I have a question. I send a re-investigation letter to Tu and they fired back with the "we will not re-investigate it, take it up with the creditor"

shoudl I just wait a little bit and try again?

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