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My parents credit hurting mine?


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In 1999 I was sixteen and unemployed. My parents handed me a Shell card for gas. I might have used the card maybe once, if even at all. The card had my name on it, but I was under the impression that it was still a part of their account and I really didn't have to worry. I didn't apply for the thing and I never saw a bill.

I got my first credit card this summer and have had no problems. I got a letter in the mail cancelling my card after two months saying I had been delinquent in payments with a past card. I got a free credit report and it said that the Shell account had been transferred to recovery. I had no idea that the Shell card would even be on my credit report! I mailed Equifax disputing it two weeks ago.

I applied for another card through a different company and was rejected for the same reasons. How can I get this whole mess cleared up?

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