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credit repair/student loans

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Here's one for ya! Appearing on credit report is:

"claim filed with government/never late"

"Account History"

"claim filed with the government as of 6-1996 to 8-1996"

CA hasn't removed it--seems to not fit any of their catagories. Has

anyone seen this anywhere else regarding a student loan. Loans

were not defaulted.

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It is a negative. They list the almost $12K student loan amount.

I pointed out to both the CRA and ACS that student loan lenders file claims

with the government for other purposes such as death or disablity. I can't take

to Great Western since they don't exist and ACS absolutely refused to remove

it. Washington Mutual (who bought Great Western) doesn't use ACS as their

loan servicer, they use Sallie Mae. I think it is ACS who reported it

since they serviced the loan. I even contacted ECMC who is the absolute

authority for any student loan that was ever in or out of Bankruptcy and they

said they never heard of a reporting a "government claim" when it was filed.

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