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I just received a letter from one of my creditors that my account with them wasn’t included in my bankruptcy and were going to notify the CRAs… which is not true they are included in my bankruptcy and I have the paper work to prove it…they claim that the sold my account Nov. 6th 2001 while they received my petition for bankruptcy on dec. 11th 2001. I had notified them I was filing in September. I filed for bankruptcy nov 11..one of the credit…

What do I do now?



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I would send proof CRRR. In your letter tell them that they have violated the automatic stay provision of the BK code and that if they then report to the CRAs as claimed, you will immediately file a lawsuit for willful non-compliance and have your BK atty (name) file a Contempt of Court Citation request with the BK Court.

Should stop them in their tracks. If you get a letter from the 'new owner' of the debt, explain the situation and provide BK docs. You will never hear from them again.

My situation was even more amusing. (NOT!) The OC sold the acct after BK filing. New owner stopped contact after I provided BK info. When I pulled my credit report 2 years later, there was a 3rd owner of the acct. I called them and the guy said that this kind of thing happens all the time. I forwarded the info and it was promptly deleted from my bureau.

Don't fret. This is just an annoyance.

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