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I am so mad at ex perian :(


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Anyone who knows me, I am usally cool,calm and collected :cool: . But, I am so :mad: at experian,that I can go postal on them!

Experian are refusing to investigate 3 of mine accounts.

1) Seventh ave.> I sent in proof, ( cancelled check) and Experian are refusing to delete it or investigate

2)< UNCNB(paid charge off)= (Genises Fiancial)CA>

Are the same accounts. Ex. are refusing to investigate about GF. I dispute its not mine, which is not, becasue I paid the OC!

3) IC System > Ex. are refusing to investigate this account also. I paid this account off, and EX are refusing to investigate.

I understand with the OC you can dispute, wrong balance, last activity, and etc. But, what about the CA? If you dispute wrong balance and etc; wouldn't it say to the CRA that its yours, and its not?

I needed to vent, looks like I have to get more serious with the CRA , Sue them for refusing to investigate an account that a consumer has proof for, write a letter to the FTC, and etc.

Well, I better get going , Children don't have any school today, We have an ice storm (PA)

I was so sure I was going to be lucky with EX, becasue with TU 8 deletions!

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Personal Statements can hurt you in many cases. I added one an eon ago and I was told by 2 banks that if you had the knowledge to enter a personal statement you had the ability to get the tradeline updated or removed, in so many words. Now granted my personal statement was regarding a charge off by Bally's and they all agreed the entry and Bally's practices were horrid but their approval committes still shot CR's with personal statements down on the first glance.

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