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Results of TU Investigation...THEY DELETED MY WHOLE FILE!


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Hi all,

Just went online to get my new TU report as the results of an investigation were due today. When I started I had 16 negatives and 4 positives, well now today I have 2 negatives and nothing else!!!!

They deleted my BK, an old paid judgement, all my positives (which I didn't even dispute!), ALL my inquiries EVERYTHING except 2 US Dept of Ed loans (which are under dispute so my god, are they going to dispute THOSE too?).

AND, on this credit report, I've only been in their records since 12/02! WTH? Did they just delete the old file completely or what?

I'm really pissed about them deleting my good tradelines- I started with a score of 483 since I had so many negs, now it's 504 (an improvement) but I have lost the few good credit references I had! Is there anyway I can get them back on there? I'm almost afraid to ask for fear all the bad stuff comes back on.

I called TU on Monday to add a dispute and mentioned something about my file possibly being merged with someone elses-so they just took EVERYTHING (except the US Dept of Ed which I disputed on Monday as the balance was incorrect) off.

Should I be happy here? I guess all I need to do now is establish a few new good tradelines and my score should go up- it says now it's low because I have "no positive information" and "too many negative records".

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The good tradelines were all paid off installment loans. I do have one credit card that currently does not report to TU, I've never paid late on it so maybe they'll add it on TU's report if I ask?

I'm thinking even though my report is pretty much clean, because I only have 2 negs and 0 positives I won't qualify for anything right now :(

I did apply for an Orchard Card and they pulled my EXP report, which has a score of 565...hopefully I'll get that so I can establish another good tradeline.

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