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Experian Generic Score vs. FICO

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How much should I expect the difference be between the generic Experian score (given through their online credit manager product) and the Experian Fair FICO score that I received when my mortgage broker pulled my husband's tri-merge report. Experian is my husband's middle score.

My husband's Equifax score went up from 626 (11/20) to 659 (1/6) ~ 33 point increase by paying off most of debt.

My husband's Experian score on the tri-merge was 575 (11/20) and now it is 626 (1/6) on the credit manager online report.

We're looking to reach the magical 620 score for my husband's middle score to get the rate & downpayment that we need to get into the house we want.

Thanks in advance.

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