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Faxing a dipute

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Please help.

My wife and I just recently sold our home last month and the CRA are still reporting the mortgages as open with balances. We have letters from the bank stating the loans are paid in full but the banks say it may take as long as 60 days for the bureaues to update. We are very close to the critical 720 to receive the lowest possible mortgage rates for our new home.

I would like to send the CRA's copies of the letters and ask them to update accordingly. My question is can I fax them in to get the quickest reply? If any one has any comments or suggestions please respond.



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Be sure when you fax, to tell them this is in regards to a mortgage loan if they could please process ASAP.

Also tell them that you want all creditors having dated 6 months back that accessed your credit report to be notified of the corrections in your credit report.

This way the bank if having accessed your credit report already will be notified once the changes are complete.

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