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Eqifax unsolicited spam

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I did visit all the Big Three websites, but I would never order a credit report online, so, no, it wasn't from that.

Now that I'm looking at the message again, I see I got it wrong: it was from Experian...well, it puports to be from Experian, actually it's from--

Experian {22034_9572_200301071828@sbmf.xiusbleplo.rwjoyibm} with reply-to as

new14~sbmf~aeb0e0d2ca97c04a56d8ba7092b33677 {help@help.currentmail.com} and subject is

"Has your Credit Score put your dreams on hold?"

It's an unsolicited offer for "FREE 30-day CreditExpert trial. A $79.95 value, this offer includes a FREE copy of your credit report! CreditExpert gives you real insider tips on how to improve your credit score. That's because it's the ONLY online credit-reporting product actually designed by Experian, a credit bureau."

But I still don't have a clue how they got my email address. It says at the bottom of the offer:

"Your email address was subscribed using an online form. [well, that's really vague!!!]Please accept our apologies if you have been subscribed in error. If you do not wish to receive future information, click reply and put "remove" in the subject line. Or Navigate Here."

If you think I'm clicking reply, or navigating to who-knows-where, fuggidaboutdit!!

This really bugs me:

1) it's purporting to be from Experian

2) it's unsolicited

3) I cannot imagine that any of the online forms I've recently filled out sell addresses to Experian

4) I signed up at DMA to have my online junk mail *decreased* not increased!!!! :eek:

I guess they are now due Nasty Snailmail Complaint Letter #551. LOL

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