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Why donot they understand


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Ok what is so hard to understand about this letter that i wrote to trasnouoin...

To whom it may concern.

Back in Aug of 2001 i receievd a copy of my credit report and found a collection account on there From a Miller and Murray Inc their cleint

MRB-Americheck National Inc for 50.15 for their cleint K-mart. I paid them immediatley and they removed it.

On 12-15-02 i received a credit report via the internet and found that the following entry was on my report as a collection account .Americarerecov Original creditor K-mart date assigned march 1999 date report 12-2002 amount 51.00

balance 0 date paid out nov 2001

date closed Nov 2002.

This account should be deleted from my report as it was paid Oct 18, 2001.And it was paid to Miller and Murray Inc....

Today in the mail i received a letter from T.u. stating that my information was not clear enough and that they had verified and updated the info on 1-10-2003..I looked on line today and the line now reads Paid off 10-18-01.

what should i do? I tried to call miller and murray but no answer and there is no phone for mrb-americheck National Inc....

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<blockquote>Originally posted by smogtek

I know what you mean. Any 3rd grader should be able to figure this stuff out.

I'm thinking about drawing out my next request with crayons and construction paper! LOL!


Hahahaha that's funny. Actually I may do that now that you mention it....

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