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Credit Score Variance

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I recently checked my score with all three agencies:

Transunion 783

Equifax 568

Experian 613

Which one do most creditors use for mortgages? Why would the Transunion score be so much higher? I have a delinquent account that does not show up yet on the Transunion report. I was delinquent in December, but MBNA reported last in October to Transunion - will they most likely report soon, or do some creditors only report to certain agencies?

Is the Equifax score the actual FICO Beacon score most lenders refer to?


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Recently posted info on this subject look here:


Also all 3 credit reporting agencies do use Fair Isaac, they are all correct. And only based on what is contained in the file for each reporting agnecy.

The bank will get a different score since they are basing off of the installment model, not the consumer model.

If a bank pulls 3 bureau merged report, they will use the middle score of the 3 pulled.

If they pull 2 bureau merged report, they will use the lowest of the 2 pulled.

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The scores that the consumers get from the CRA's may not be real FICO, but the CRA scores the banks use are real Fair Isaac scores.

Recent info I have come across shows that if they follow the perscribed system they will go with the middle of the 3 or the worst of the 2 pulled.

Know some banks that do not even use credit scores when processing mortgage loans.

Plus the ones that use the score may have their own rules for what is acceptable.

Amoung these banks if they see problems will only require the data to be corrected and others will require a re-scoring. They all differ greatly.

The credit score that consumers see is quite useless in the banking world - these grade on the total report where the banks are grading more restrictive on certain limited information contained in the credit report.

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