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Hello All,

First thanks so much for this wonderful site! My first round of disputes went well with several items getting deleted. However I do need some advice on one item. I had an installment account (auto loan) that I paid off last year. Last date reported was 6/2002. TU and EXP showed the account as closed (paid). EQ showed it as Open(paid). I dispute the item (dumb newbie mistake) saying the account should be listed as closed. Well I get my dispute report back from EQ. "This account has been updated to report as closed. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. See enclosed credit file" Huh? so I look on my file and lo and behold they have added a 30 day late payment! Before my dispute, all 3 CRA's reported no late payments on this account! Can they do this? I only disputed the fact that the item was listed as Open not Closed. I called the OC and they say yes I was 32 days late on a payment back in OCT. of 2000, I am sure I was never late paying this account. Any advice please?

Brian :mad:

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