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Credit Check for Auto Ins Quote?

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I have a question...

I would like at some time to shop around for auto insurance, but I don't want a bunch of hard inquiries now. The company that I called for pricing 2 yrs ago pulled a credit report on me. I am wondering if this is getting to be standard now and if most insurance companies pull a credit report when you ask for a quote? And if they do, are they supposed to be hard inquiries or soft?

I saw that my own insurance company (Nationwide) pulled a credit report of mine for no apparent reason and it was a hard inquiry. I was considering complaining about that to them since it seems like they could have done a soft for Account Review purposes. Would that be a reasonable request?

Any input from anyone would be appreciated... thanks!

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I called Geico for a quote when I purchased my Audi in 2001 and they did a hard inquiry - apparently without an SSN??? I recently called them up and asked to have this removed. The CSR was very professional and gave me a mailing address in Dallas, Texas for customer service so that I could mail the letter to appropriate letter requesting that Geico have the inquiry removed.

As for you current underwrighter - I think the nature of the business relationship allows them to access your account for review as you mentioned, but a hard inquiry. I would give them a call and ask them about that since they do depend on you for your business after all. I spent a good amount of time in the military and for that reason, we are able to use USAA. There currently are no other companies that can compete with the rates and so we probably wont need to change insurers anytime soon. On the oft chance that we do though, you might want to adopt the tack that if the insurer needs to pull a credit report, they dont need your business!

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