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Online CRA Referral for discount?


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When I was signing up with all my online CRA services, at least one asked me if I'd like to refer a friend and they'd get the service for 50% off.

At the time I was just scoping out the 30-day free trial and I didn't know anyone (people don't usually talk about their bad credit to friends). Anyway, I was curious if there should be an e-mail referral list for people interested in signing up for that 50% discount.

I don't know what site policy, or CreditInfo referral links should be added or what?

Or if this site could refer people so they'd get the discount (or split the savings 25% and 25% between this site and subscriber).

Just throwing that out there.

[Edit by Shawnimal on Tuesday, February 18, 2003 @ 01:53 PM]

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