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I can't seem to find the site where I can get a free TRI Report. I have signed up for the Eqifax trial but only get 4. I have burned up 3 through misunderstanding. I thought it was daily. Nope. I also got the TU Trial. Though that seems to only want to give me the 1 original I requested. How do I get todays report on that one. And the Experian, I can't even get them to accept anything I inupt into that. They want me to call them.

So I just want to get the TRI merge I heard about. I remember I can signup, get report, then cancel. I was under the impression that I can do this daily.

What are the best ones that allow you to pull daily?

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I signed up for privacygaurd at privacygaurd.com.It's $1.00 for 3 mos. and you can acess it every 24 hours not before or you'll have to wait another 24 hours.It combines all3 reports with 1 credit score from EQ.I had to wait to recieve a special code thru the mail just to make sure it was me,but other than that it's better than the other 3.You can pay for the scores,but why pay when you can go thru the trouble of getting the free trial at TU and EXP.Don't forget to cancel.P.SD. A guy at EXP credit manager told me that they're updating their system so that you can't keep signing up and canceling.Oh,well,probably just talking thru his knee caps. :D

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