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TU is at it again!

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I disputed 4 items on 2/12/03 and haven't received the green card back, but I did receive a response from TU. They refused to verify. They listed 2 creditors who allegedly previously

verified as accurate(I never listed one of the so-called creditors). TU states therefore my dispute is labeled "frivolous." The only way they will investigate is when "I" provide court papers or a authentic letter from creditors that gives reasons to update info...HUH???

I am writing a response. Will post upon completion. I need to throw their own BS right back at them. See ya soon...

:upsidown: :upsidown: :upsidown: ;)

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Hi again..Here is my TU letter


address:Fly a kite

State: choose

Zip:Got you on this one

To Whom It May Concern:

I disputed "4" tradelines on 2/12/03 via Certified with Receipt Mail. I received your response before the green card ever returned from the post office. I find that odd.

I am writing to you today to clear up some misconceptions in your letter dated February 17, 2003.

I listed "4" companies in my dispute(Pacific Union, Arrow Financial,WFS, and FNB Marin).You refused to verify due to "previously verified as accurate items." Therefore, you considered my dispute as "frivolous." Per your letter dated February 17, 2003, you stated that "Our goal is to maintain complete and accurate information on your credit report." "We have provided the information below in response to your request."

If you maintained "acurate information" on my credit report,then I would not have a reason to correspond with you today. "I did not list Professional Credit Serv on my dispute."

I cannot imagine how you would refuse to verify what you claim is "accurate" when I did not list Professional Credit Serv in the first place(I will enclose my previously Certified Letter with Receipt #7002 2030 0006 9103 1767 which specifically informs you which companies to verify).

I am requesting immediate deletions of my prior requests and please forward an updated copy of my credit report upon completion. Any "frivolous" responses will be forwarded to the Attorney Generals office, FTC and my Senator.

Thank you for your time and hopefully we can resolve these issues.

Delighted literally

Any responses would be appreciated.



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well I always dispute by phone with these people (tu) and have great results I just got off the phone with them and I had disputed 6 things total 4 were deleted and 2 were updated as per my request I am so happy about this I think that I am going to check my score again and see how much it has climbed good luck try and call them a lot of the people that answer there are very nice good luck jj

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You're going to have to get tough now.

Poke around the site and "Lawyer in the House" to see some language that will fuel some ideas for you. I'll give you a head start here.

They (CRA) and the furnisher have a legal obligation to reinvestigate the derogatory item(s). Merely rendering your disputes as frivolous and not providing you ANY details, results, communications, or supporting documents of the investigation from the 'furnisher' (the CA or OC) is an FCRA violation. They and the CA are withholding material facts from you which constitutes misrepresentation under common law and deception under FCRA.

You can also support your position if other CRA's are reporting the item differently. You can also explain in a tougher letter that both they and the 'furnisher' are required to investigate the dispute and MUST reconsider information challenged by the consumer or should know that what they are reporting is unreliable since there is a definite question of fact.

Advise them that they will be named as a co-defendant in a civil suit against the furnisher of the information if they do not immediately disclose the material facts of their investigation that support the continued reporting of the item(s). In the absence of such material fact, you demand that they immediately delete the item(s).

Although you didn't mention it here, you would have been better of doing validation with the furnishers of the information (the CRA's call them 'subscribers' also).

Until the legislation gets cleaned up, we're going to have to stick to this method of protecting ourselves.

That should help heat up the hot pokers for their butts.


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i got the same letter today...i started my 2nd round of disputes with them...disputed the remaining 4 derogs and the letter said that one of the lines was being deemed frivilous.....i called them and after a brief and rather friendly conversation he said that that was the only one of the four that was deemed frivilous and that it was done by a computer program....he appologized and said he would deem it unfrivilous and it would be reinvestigated.....so dont get freaked by the letter at first...try callin them 1st..

thats my opinion anyways....good luck

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If you have purchased credit report, they contain the phone numbers, you have 30 days to call them using the report number included on the report.

This is the only way you can get customer service.

You can send fax or mail without having first purchased credit report though.

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