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Im blocked from EQ

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I sent in a letter to equifax-asking them to give me a description of the procedure used in verifying 2 CA accounts- with copies of my DV letters (3 each) to CA's over a 3 month period- This was mailed 2/20/03

As of today- I can not access my CR on-line with equifax. I am being blocked, asking to call customer service.

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Yeah, if they wanna play hardball, you can counter their little tactic by advising them that they are willfully withholding evidence (if you're in a suit) or violating the FCRA by blocking your file which is preventing you from verifying the accuracy and activity of your credit file. Disclosure is supposed to be one of the protections of the FCRA.

If they want to continue keeping you in the dark about your credit file, then I'd demand that they COMPLETELY DELETE your credit file in their database since they are denying your right to review and correct the information therein -or- disclose it to you without delay.

Never tried that trick so dunno if it'll work. If it works, thats one less headache to worry about. Just don't get credit with anyone who uses them. More trust EX and TU over EF.

I've had similar problems with their stupid 'check guarantee' service. Never had a bad check or zero monies in account to cover my purchases and those bozos would block my checks at least twice a year even though I wrote hi-dollar checks at different retailer with no issues at all and maintained a 5 digit balance in my checking!! This always caused embarrassment and a waste of 30 mins on the phone to sort it out.

I got tuff and told them if they did it again (this was the 4th time), I'd be suing their butts. They instantly put me on their 'Gold' check program and promised it wouldn't. It hasn't for the past 2 years. Damn Panzies.

Good Luck!

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When I sued them they blocked my access.

When I mentioned this to the commissioner as one of my violations, the EQ rep said "Oh, we do that so the disputed/erroneous information doesn't go out to anyone and hurt the consumer" or words to that effect.

Fine, I'll stipulate to that, but WHY CAN'T I GET TO MY REPORT? The info is going to hurt me? I don't think so!

They say whatever they want, to whoever they think will believe them! And, they do whatever they want to anyone they want because no one calls them on it!

Just my 2 cents.

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