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CRA's won't repsond

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HI listmates! I'm new here and like to ask some ?'s please.

1)I sent dispute letters to all 3 CRA's, with green cards. Got the cards back dated 1/31/03. Got a response back from TU. They will only investigate one entry. The rest, they said I have to contact the companies myself. One of the items disputed, was a judgement. We rented out our garage apt. for 15 years and never had a problem Then a girl rented, then changed her mind AFTER moving in ( and after deciding to move back in with her boyfriend) and,not only demanded her money & SD in return, but stuck us with a bad check when she moved out in the middle of the night!

We filed suit & she counter filed. Her filing is listed on our CR. She settled at court & her suit was dismissed. We are trying to get it removed.It does say on the CR that it was dismissed, but I'm sure just being listed is still hurting us. Anyway, TU said we have to deal with the court directly. They won't verify it! Why should we be penalized because she stuck us with a bad check and broke her lease?

Aso...we had 2 other judgements from medical bills during a time we were inundated with medical bills(due to hubby's bad health) & just couldn't keep up. That, and other problems almost killed us financially.

We paid the large hospital bill thru payroll attachments. That was finished 3 years ago. We never did recieve a summons prior to court. We just got a letter in the mail. I called & called( before the court date) the attorney to try to work out pymnt arrangements. He refused to return my calls until after the court & later stated that he "preffered to do it this way". Can I get it vacated? The same with the other medical bill. We didnt even know a judgment was entered until I pulled our CR up. And one report says it was paid & the others say " no status".

2) I got no response at all from equifax.

3)I got a response from experian that they will investigate but have heard nothing from them since.

It's now 30 days ( tomorrow) by my calculations. If I recieve nothing by tomorrow, do I now demand that all the disputed items be removed? I've been reading your wonderful posts and it appears that I can do this, but I just want to make sure. Would it be best to call or to send another CRR letter?

Sorry for the long post. I have so many questions!


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