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lots of deletions no raise in FICO

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My husband is going through ICR to clean his credit, but after reading this site I am regretting it. ICR listed at least 20

disputes on one letter, not good huh. Well anyway, my husband received 9 and 11 removals but his FICO is very low. I don't know if they dropped or raised. What do we do to try to raise the FICO and why doesn't it seem like they raised them? We are going to do our own disputes from here on in. Any suggestions?

Thank You

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I have been reading about this happening a lot, it also happened to me, during my first round of disputes with TU. It's kind of like a catch 22 when you have negative items removed because eventually you want all negs off your reports but some older account that establish a long credit history actually help your score to a certain extent. I have began to try and 'rebuild' as well as repair my credit by adding a secured credit card and the Chevron gas card which has a ‘credit rebuilder’ program that will allow you to get approved for a $300.00 limit gas card. Waiting for a few more items to come off my report before going for an unsecured credit card. All I can say to you is hang in there and with time along with all the other factors that go into your rating, your score or your DH's score will rise. I will try and find the post that list all the factors in your credit rating and post it for you.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by doublewide420

Im just curious, what was your score was when you applied for the chevron card?


Got it with a 617 on EQ, the way it works is you apply and get denied for the regular card then they send you a letter asking if you want the credit rebuilder card. If your score is high enough you may get approved for the regular card.

Link to post about Chevron.

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