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ddzzzaaammmnnnn Kim!!! That's nice!!!

you are in 600 club!!! Congrats!! but I am right behind ya young lady :p

I should have some results soon since I just send out second round. I can't wait when I see 6 in front of my scores! I could apply for credit card then and bring the score even higher!

[Edit by creditmess on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 @ 06:45 PM]

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Congrats Kimber! Ya know, I've been working on my file for over a year now. However it wasn't until I found this board that things really started to take off ('scuse the pun:-) I know exactly how you feel. There is no sink or swim. Just swim. Up, up and away! Sorry I kinda of really get into this credit thang :D

You go girl!

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