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Experian Question

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I use Privicyguard to get my reports. It helps me compare across CRA's. There is something funny about the way Experian shows their information. Here is a line from the report:


Account Number:_EAA171XXXX_____EAA171XXXX_____EAA171XXXX

Acct Type:______Installment____Auto Loan______Installment

Acct Status:____Closed_________Closed__________Closed

Monthly Payment:_$260__________$0_____________$260

Date Open:_______Feb,_1994____Feb,_1994_______Feb,_1994


Terms:__________N/A___________60 Months_______60 Months

High Balance:_$15,628_________N/A_____________$15,628


Past Due:______$0_____________$0______________$0


This is for an old auto loan with Ford Credit. Shows what I bought it for. How long the terms were, monthly payments. But if you look at the Experian record, is doesn't show squat. How can they use this information to calulate scores. This type of thing is common on my Experian report. There is even a 10 year history of a mortgage that shows a bunch of $0. Can I get them to input fugures into them to up my score?

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It is something wrong with the tape format used by Ford to report to Experian.

Contact Ford - to see if they would help with updating Experian correctly on this matter. Point out to them that Experian is not getting all the data the other 2 CRAs are getting (possibly show them tradelines from all 3 to make your point).

This way if you make them aware of it, they may update their processors sending in the data - to get it corrected for all other accounts reported.

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