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Equifax does not investigate or delete

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I have discovered that Equifax (a) does not delete information from the original furnisher, and (B) Equifax lies about verifying accounts.

I am posting this in a new thread because I need to get information from other consumers this has happened to. Please call your creditor if you don't believe Equifax actually verified whay they claim to have verified.

You can see my thread on this subject with evidence at


Sorry for sending you there, but there is a lot of information and pictures of documents that I don't want to have to re-upload.


I would like to be able to certify a class action suit against them if this is as wide-spread as I think it is.

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hi, I just called equifax today, to check about a fraud bad mark on my CR. I disputed the bad mark, and she told me that they already investigated with Marlin Integrated and they told her nope, my debt. I asked her what does that mean, she said you need to call NCO and talk with them. Does that mean my dispute is gone? I have no idea. How could they have investigated a non-verified fraud debt in less than two weeks is beyond me. It crabbed me up so I sent the DV to NCO just tonight.

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My hubby had the same problem with Equifax and Marlin/NCO.

The debt , in truth, was not ours.. it was my husband's son's with the same

name. Even had a judgement in the kid's name on our report.

EQUIFAX, I agree, is by far the worst of the CRAs . They lie.

EQ cannot be verifying stuff. Two cases here:

1. I asked for verification on a medical bill, knowing that EQ could not

verify it because the CA has been out of business for years. Phone #

diconnected, no listing in phone book , or trade name registration with the

state. Yet EQ managed to 'verify' it !!!

EQ said that they verified it, and then changed the phone number on the

account to another CA's (Credit Services Co) number but did not change

the listing otherwise. Still listed as a 'Novare collection' account! With a

balance unpaid!

Because of this, this same account is on my report twice, one paid with

Credit Sevices, (as it was paid off over 18 months ago) and another listing,

with this CA (Novare Collection) who is out of business, as an unpaid

charge. EQ claims to have verified both.

Two negatives for one bill. The CA, Credit Services is also in the wrong IF

they have reported it as validated to EQ under a company's name other

than their own with a balance owing, and knowing good and well that it

was paid in full. Just recently I finally got a satisfaction letter out of them

for it. Like pulling teeth.

Case #2. EQ 'verified', a charge off from about 1993. I tried the phone #

for the OC that they provided....disonnected. EQ still lists this charge off,

giving same information and phone # for OC. How can a person even

begin validation? And how did EQ verify when the contact information is

bogus in both these cases?

Yeah, if I can join a class action, I will!


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WHy dont you people just sue them?

It takes very little effort and just a couple bucks and you could end up with thousands of dollars!

Until I went ahead and filed my suit I was terrified but if you make a good paper trail and sue them in Small Claims its not that hard. Print things off of the internet like case law, FTC opinions and what not.

I bet if all of us filed .0000001 of the lawsuits we could be entitled to that these stupid CRAs and the like would stop this crap.

They make money ruining our credit.. lets make money ruining their reputation.. seems only fair to me

(PMS time..can anyone tell?) :D

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