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JR & SR reports combined

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my husband is a jr and his credit report has been pulled by creditors and his fathers credit history came up combined with his.

When i pull his credit report straight from the bureas it is correct and only showing his. But I pulled through another company free credit report thing and sure enough there was all his fathers info, account numbers balances everything.

Is there a way the bureas can pervent this?

Should i put a personal statement on report stated that it is possible the report is showing his fathers also?

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Send in copy of drivers license and ask them to unmix the file - get a copy of the credit report from the lender that showed all the info mixed. Highlight everything that is incorrect.

Also your husband should use his full name at all times when dealing with creditors. Would also recommend getting old addresses shared by father deleted off of credit report.

And yes, ask to add consumer statement "Not to be conused with Sr., please verify all information".

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