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ranked from best (easiest to deal with) to worst which CRA's are easiest to deal with in all of your own experiences?

So far it seems like:

1. Experian

2. Equifax

3. TU

but I am only 40 days into the repair process, also is there any threaDs that detail how to work with each CRA? In other words is there CRA specific ways of dealing with each one? or do they all work the same way. Is there anyone out there that has tried different tactics that worked?

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I have the most trouble with Equifax. They list items twice under different

CAs and OCs. Just to list more black marks I guess. They also have stuff

listed nowhere else on other CRAs reports.

They almost never list an item as disputed when it is in validation or

verification. Of course this may be a reportig problem by the CAs as well.

They will not even change such simple iems as wrong addresses. This is

important to me as I have been stable at this address for 23 years and they

list 8 different addresses for me, and refuse to remove them when they

are obvious typing errors. It makes me look like a transient person. One

lender even said this when he saw all of he addresses.

Most of all I KNOW that EQ does not verify... they lie instead.

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Equifax/CSC rocks!!!

Equifax/CSC has been really good to me. I asked them to update my addresses and employment information and they did so immediately.

TU and EX wanted copies of utility bills and w-2's to verify the information.

Equifax/CSC also deleted inquiries like within ten days of me mailing out a first class postage stamp letter.

They also deleted lots of stuff from my credit report the first time I disputed it.

There are still a few pesky things I would like to see removed but I know that that CSC is a heck of a lot easier to deal with than EX and TU.

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The reason I say Eq does not verify, is because they just 'verified'

twice an account with a CA that has been out of business for 3

years now. The phone # EQ lists is disconnected, our state has no

trade name registraion for them etc.. EQ shows a balance unpaid

of 175.00. What's worse is that this account is listed again under a

different CA as paid (It really was paid 18 months ago to this CA)

EQ also verified a charge off from ages ago ,1993, and again

'verified it. I called the number provided by EQ for this creditor

and it also is disconnected. I wrote for validation and the letter

using the address EQ provided.came back as undeliverable. The

statute of limitations is way past as well, but they have it listed.

There is no way to validate these debts to set things straight if EQ

supplies bogus contact info & claims to verify when there is no

way they could.

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Write EX and tell them you want to know how this was verified...what their procedure was. By law they must tell you. Get that info, if they don't say OOPS and delete it, then come back. A court date maybe in your impending future if they don't get their ducks lined up!

good luck!

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If that letter came back undeliverable, I would make a copy of it and mail it (certified letter) back to the CRA showing that their address is WRONG.

Whenever you get proof, use it to your advtange. If they already verified, use the following to start your letter:


You are required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to re-investigate my consumer dispute even though you have already verified this credit item. Enclosed is additional information unavailable to you when this dispute was previously investigated; therefore you are obligated by federal law to investigate this consumer dispute.

Failure to fully re-investigate this consumer dispute is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and I am keeping careful records of any blatant disregard to adhere to federal law and all such willful negligence.

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