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this stuff rocks!

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I have to say when I first started all this, I questioned if it would work.

But already, I sent validation letters to every CA/DC, none replyed

at same time i disputed many OC's @ CRA's and results were

TU 5 of 8 requested deleted, 1 of 8 was updated to full positive status (only purch by other lender remains on that 1)

EQ 6 of 10 disputed were deleted (1 updated too worst stus =-(

EX 4 of 6 deleted

And i have a good feeling that many if not all of those collections will go away soon, none of them reported "disputed to CRA's" when CRA's verified the accts.

I just sent all CA's letters for deletion (15 day) and put in another investigation with all cra's for all said CA's so i have them all on violation w/ leverage.

also i called an OC the other day to confirm the charged off acct. i have with them (i didnt recognize the acct.) and they have no record of me, and are writing CRA's a dispute in my behalf.

and this is all in just 45 days!

So just wanted to tell everyone my appreciation for sharing your knowledge you gained through your journies.

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Trouble you've done awesome!!!!!!! :)

I can't wait til my 30 days are up to see if anything has been deleted. I did the same thing as you and sent DV to OC and disputed w/CRA's at the same time. My debt validation letter was altered to suit the OC.

I was kind of feeling discouraged earlier today but now that I have read your post I have faith again! :cheesy:

Thanks for the happy post!

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keep it going guys...

that's some awesome results! Congrats!

I personally just fired up second round of letters to CRAs. I never did DV yet so I can't comment on that.

I think my strategy is to see what CRA do abotu the disputes and then if anything goes south, I will jump to OC and CA with validation letters.

I started in Feb 2nd and had pretty much 80% success so far. I am aiming for summer time to have all that stuff done so I can buy a house :D

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