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Has anyone heard of this web site? (www.worthknowing.com) It says it is not a credit bureau but a credit report reseller. They offer free credit reports and "advice". But if they are not a credit bureau yet provide you with a credit report will this show on your report as a soft or hard inquiry. I'm applying for a mortgage soon & don't need ANY hard inquiries. Check out the site and let me know your thoughts.


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I tried them. They have their own 100-point scale they rate you on, supposedly if they give you a "20" that means you are in the 20th percentile. they're full of crap tho because the last time I pulled my report with them they gave me a "5" and at the time I was in about the 30th percentile. it basically seems to be another way to sucker people in to applying for suck a$$ credit cards when they could be getting better ones.

however, you do get a free transunion report from them every ninety days, so i go there when my ninety days are up and i don't feel like buying my transunion report.


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