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3 in 1 ---A+ RIPOFF

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This morning I purchased thru the Experian web site a 3 in 1 report pulled from each of the agencies, including scores. When I called the CRA'S I was told this product was not theirs, and without MEMBER I.D. # provided to you when you purchase (their) report i.e experian, equifaz, etc., you cannot dispute via the online dispute section of their website. This ripoff service is provided by consumer info.com. I asked for my money back, and was give a fax number. The price was 39.95.

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Please don't cross post messages, it gets confusing. I'm responding here since this is the board folder that should get the reply.

I had wondered how you would get your report number to dispute via online or phone.

I've never been a fan of 3-in-1's anyway. Sorry you had such crap with them. :ooh:

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