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Can someone explain this?

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:confused: I have been working on improving my credit for almost a year now and it seems that all my work to get those credit scores to climb is all fake and I don't understand. I pulled a three in one in January and the score was 620 today my experian score was 629 and my equifax was 631 but and this is a big big discouraging but when I finally got the nerve to see if i could get my house refinance the lender pulls the scores and they come back just down right pitiful the equifax was right on the money but the experian they got was 544 and tu was in the 540's needless I was shot down about a refi and I am not taking this too well

Why does is show a 629 for experian when i pull it and they get a 544 that's a 75 point variance I am confused can someone answer this for me?

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I think I would try pulling them directly from the credit bureaus. www.equifax.com www.experian.com and transunion.com Also why are your score's so low do you have any collections? If so you need to send a cease come and then wait a few weeks and dispute. Go to www.budhibbs.com and read the free book. It works, each collection might be worth 10-30 points.

Let me know if this helps

Peace Out,

My Hubby is a Mortgage Broker


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Sending a Cease is not notification to remove an incorrect entry.


There are different score models for various transactions. The report that they all get is the same, yet merged. The score that a broker will get is calculated differently from what you see (more so if you don't pay for the FICO scoring report off EQ and TU, I don' think EX offers a FICO score. The score difference can be minimal to 100 points different in some cases I've heard. Why? Who knows...<rolling eyes at Fair Issac and the scorecard>

Try the free 30-day trails on EQ and EX and pull your report from TU that you are looking for employment (will get you a free report). Using those start disputing your incorrect or credit hurting items. It will take some time, but credit education, patience and vigilance of your report should prove to increase your score.

Good Luck and keep us posted.

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Your doing the right thing by starting now. When I first started I thought I could get things cleaned up over night..boy was I wrong. Each lender has their own guidelines. Some only use middle, some use all 3..just depends. Your mortgage broker can do alot to help you and get you lined up with a lender that meets your needs, so search around for a good broker!!!

No, its not different from FICO, just calculated differently. I've heard there are 5 possible calculations, mortgage, auto, personal, CC and store....I think :confused:


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