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I have the following message on every credit report:

"This address is a non-residential address: 805 oak st my town, my state my zip ."

"PERSONAL SERVICE: 805 oak st my town, my state my zip"

what does this mean? It is listed at bottom under "NOTICES:"

But this is in fact my real residential address? Is this "Notice" effecting my score?

thanks for any replies

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Do you live somewhere that was at one time a business or something else of the sorts - prior to you living there?

See some people in small towns that live above stores and the such. This is just a fault of the system, I am not sure how to go about setting the CRA straight on these though - might try a letter asking what they require of you to prove this is a residential address.

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This will continue to kick up when ever a creditor uses fraud alert / hawk alert / or Equifax (can't remember name of their product).

Least would dispute this with the CRAs, honestly I don't know on how this affects credit scoring though. It should not; but may have creditors asking you questions on a regular basis about this listing.

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