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Experian madness check this out!

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Experian was asked to verify 3 accounts on March 21. I received their typed March 22 credit report. I know they did not investigate because I have a letter from one company that claims they do not have me in their system(this was mailed 12/31/02).One day validation must be the new thing. Anyway,before this letter,I had to write Experian a couple of times because my issues were not addressed.I feel they are retaliating because I was persistant. Now, they have deleted my name residence and ss# under personal information(in which I never requested). Who is a good contact person at Experian. I would really like to fax this info to him/her. :eek:

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Because they do not even accept faxes, I would do the following. Write them with a copy of your proof, (Letter from creditor). Send with it a copy of your previous corespondence and the copy of your CMRR showing proof that you contacted them before. It should be a clear case. They should delete it right away. Demand action at once. If you do not get any action within 30 days, sue them. I would be surprised if they did not remove it.

I also would try and organize your corespondence in a very systematic way as not to confuse them. This organization helps and leads them to the same conclusion you have. If your letter is antagonistic (sp), the handler of your issue may be also. I have never heard of anyone deleting a SS#. There must be some more information than meets the eye.

Good Luck.

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