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Equifax # for free credit report

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Hey ---- :p

I found a phone number to get free copy of Equifax credit report.

Says 48 hours in the mail - and won't include scoring unless you are out of California.


No questions asked - just give social security number; last 2 digits on date of birth; and number of physical address. Will confirm at the end of call. Nothing more to the system.

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Uh Oh!

I tried the number and it wouldnt let me get a free copy because they said they recently completed my investigation and just sent me a copy of my updated credit file.

I only have another week and I was crossing my fingers that I wouldnt get anything!!!

Im getting kinda nervous now. :(

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Funny story with that one; being that I process mortgage credit reports here. Part of my job is to contact creditors to update old tradelines.

Well the CRAs which provide the information for calling creditors - they showed this number as belonging to a dealership. When I called to verify on an individuals account; I walk right through the system and ordered him his credit report without realizing it till the end.

Figures - I never did find the right phone number for the dealership; but called the bank back to let them know to tell the guy he would be receiving his credit report within a few days. lol

Part of the ups & downs of the CRAs not having all their numbers straight.

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Yes; actually I do --- but they happen to take me into out sales reps for TransUnion; CSC; and our affiliate for Experian (have to leave unnamed)...

That would be like putting one engineer in a room of mechanics (the engineer might not come out alive) :p

Engineeer being the Reps for the CRAs, lol

Sorry - no can do. But I do talk to them and get ideas all the time to help out when I can though.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by morrow

pssst...you wouldnt happen to have any other *special* phone #s, would you? :D


Hey morrow, Let's leaves kb alone. We really don't need too many trade secrets!

The help we get is great...Thx for being on our side and sharing your wealth of knowledge :) It is greatly appreciated ;)

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