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E-LOAN Free Credit Score FYI

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I just talked to a E-Loan rep because the free score given did not match any of my CRA scores. The rep stated it is an average from all three CRA's and not from just one. The inquiry is soft.

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Interesting...what the rep said seems to contradict what is stated on their web site after running the score, and you click on: Order your FREE credit report. See below what was noted.

Please note: Your credit score was based on a TransUnion credit report, whereas this free report is from Equifax. Although these reports are usually similar, there are often differences. Therefore, you may not see items described in your credit score analysis on this report.

Just thought I'd share that bit of info. Thanks for the tip though. They do say the inquiry on your report shows up that YOU requested your report...so no harm I can see there.

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