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Deletion letter

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<blockquote>Originally posted by Jimmy C smith Jr.

yea thats what I mean. equifax told me that they needed a deletion letter from the credit bureau.


Jimmy, Equifax is a Credit Bureau.

One of the reasons your scores may be low is your Name.

1, You have a very common name. James C. Smith There may be 1000 or more. Your credit reports could have gotton mixed with others.

2. Also you use Jr. That could also cause problems with CRA's.

I would get a copy from each CRA and dispute as "Not mine". There are examples and Sample letters in the links above.

Good Luck

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Collection Agencies use to be referred as credit bureaus - I work for a credit bureau (suprised by how many people think my company is a collection agency). :upsidown:

timbercreektech is right - your file may very well be mixed. But there is an easier way to fix these.

Send in copy of your drivers license; include your full name; social security & date of birth with request for the CRA to unmix your file. Try this first - all tradelines (that you know are not yours should come right off once they remove the incorrect information). Also dispute all incorrect spellings of your name; and all addresses you know don't belong to you.

Also from now on when applying for any loan or service with businesses which pull credit reports - be sure to always use your full given name. And make a point to pull your credit report at least once a year.

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My husband is a JR and I disputed several that i knew belonged to his father, they all came off and a bunch that were his came off too. The only problem now is the inquires. There are about 5 that we have never heard off and have been made in the last few months that are still listed on his reports. Maybe I could write the bureas or the companies explaing that these are his fathers and get them removed from his report?!?!?

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