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Experian # for free report

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Saw this posted on another site and thought I would add it here. 888-397-3742 and follow option 2, option 2 again and then option 4. After that listen to instructions that follow. You will need to punch in your SSN# and the number of your street address. If you write down the confirmation number you can initiate an online dispute and view the information online by going to this link - https://www.creditexpert.com/creditexpert/creditscore-s/016_3_cr_report.jsp Once there you will have to enter the report number that was given to you by the automated system so be sure that you wrote it down correctly. You will also be mailed a copy of your report.

I did call this so I know that it does work. I was, however, denied credit recently so that may have something to do with it. My brother-in-law did it also (he was not denied credit recently) and he was also able to get his. You can only do this 1 time so use it wisely.

paw67 :)

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I got a hard copy of my Experian report in the mail and I used it online to dispute. Now when I go to the Experian site and put in my report number as if I'm going to dispute, I can see an updated credit report. The stuff I disputed still shows that it's in dispute, but I see any changes that have accured like the soft inq from PG and my credit limit increase on my Discover card.

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