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Order TU FICO Score = Hard Inquiry!

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Apparently, as of yesterday sometime TU began offering your FICO score for an extra few bucks instead of your TU score. They don't list this anywhere on their website. However, they count your request for your report as a hard inquiry!! Someone from the creditnet forum emailed them to complain and got this response:

(originally from donna8284 @ creditnet)


Response (J. Chester) - 07/25/2002 09:01 PM

Because the report you ordered was a credit report rather than a consumer disclosure, the inquiry is counted as a hard inquiry. Please see below for more information on how inquiries affect your FICO score.

Inquiries and the FICO score

Your TransUnion credit report includes consumer inquiries, which are spurred by your own requests for credit (when you apply for a loan, you authorize your lender to ask for a copy of your credit report).

The FICO® score does NOT count:

- Consumer disclosure inquiries - requests you have made for your TransUnion Personal Credit Report directly through TransUnion, in order to check it. (Your request for a TransUnion credit report and FICO Score is counted as a consumer inquiry rather than a consumer disclosure inquiry and may affect your FICO Score.)

- Promotional inquiries - requests made by lenders in order to make you a pre-approved credit offer.

- Account management inquiries - requests made by lenders to review your existing account with them.

- Employment inquiries - requests marked as coming from employers.

FICO scores only consider inquiries initiated by you over the most recent 12-month period. These include mortgage, credit card and auto loan applications. The FICO score treats multiple inquiries from auto or mortgage lenders within a short period of time as a single inquiry, which will have little impact on your credit score. FICO scores only consider inquiries from the last 12 months, although inquiries remain on your TransUnion credit report for two years.

Federal law requires that all inquiries be kept on file for a period not to exceed 24 months.


I have a hard inquiry on my report now listed as "TU CONSUMER DISCLOSURE"!!! Which doesn't make much sense since the email says that "consumer disclosure inquiries" are listed as soft!

i am irate!!


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Damn I just noticed similar with my TU report. I tried to order mine online and huge ordeal with verifying that I indeed was who I claimed to be and I ended up being blocked for x amount of days- gee I wish they would be that strict with creditors pulling your file. Anyway, I ordered it via snail mail but that took forever and in the meantime I was "unblocked" so I went ahead and ordered it and got lucky. Now, it's listed as 2 hard inquiries. Can they possibly do that?>

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